Thursday, August 28, 2008


From crying to going crazy this week has not been easy. Freshman Orientation has been helpful but also over whelming. I have met some amazing people and love my roommate as well as my freshman academy group. Well classes start Tuesday and I already feel stressed and want the year to be over and be back home in my comfort zone with my parents. Well I guess if nursing falls through I could be a counselor or a plain old writer with no hopes of earning as much money as I wanted. At the present I'm using a girl named Melinda, because my stupid computer won't hook up to the Internet.I guess this is all I'll say for today, after all I have nine months of writing and adding to this blog. So, good bye my fellow bloggers and whoever else is bored enough to read this-I appreciate you all.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh My Goodness!!!!!!

Even though I love my parents and listen to their advice and share everything with them-I chose to not listen to them when they wanted me to start getting ready for college back in July. And now I'm wishing that I had listened because I'm going crazy with shopping, packing, and working. Well, I leave home in about three days and my life will change forever as I now know it. It is crazy how life seems so long but goes by in a second. Another thing that has changed, my wonderful sister in law is pregant and I will become a aunt 7 times in April 2009.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Summer of 2008

Well after graduation the summer has gone by so fast, since I have been working and trying to get everything ready for college, which is only about two and half weeks away.I'm creating this blog so that I can let all the people back home know what I'm up to and keep in contact with them.